The Sunshine Building

Stonecloud Brewing Company found its home within the historic Sunshine Laundry Cleaners building at NW 1st and Classen on the West side of downtown OKC. The building, originally constructed in 1929, served as a valuable asset to the community for many years, providing industrial laundry services to local hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. After the laundry closed in the mid-1980s the building was abandoned and settled into a slow decline.

The Sunshine Building sat vacant for an estimated 30 years and was without a roof for more than a decade. Graffiti covered the walls and most of the windows were broken. Pigeons living in the building numbered in the hundreds and a rusted out boat was hanging from the trusses. A tree with an 8 inch diameter trunk was growing out of the concrete where our fermenters now stand.

Stonecloud Brewing Company partnered with Pivot Project in 2015 to purchase the Sunshine Building with the vision of restoring the gutted structure and transforming the space into a brewery, restaurant, and office space.

It took a lot of imagination to envision what the building could become, but we were committed to the project and the idea of breathing new life into the old brick structure. We placed the building on the National Historic Registry and got right to work.

Over the course of a year and a half we painstakingly restored the iconic building, and a semblance of the original form slowly emerged. The roof was rebuilt and the concrete floor was poured. The walls and windows, which were cold and broken, are now warm and welcoming. The Sunshine Laundry Cleaners neon sign once again casts its light across the skyline.

The tansformation was proof that our vision held true. The Sunshine Building will live on and offer new opportunities to our vibrant OKC community.

We have been enormously fortunate to partner with Pivot Projects in bringing the building back to life, and we are excited to share this beautiful space with everyone who comes to visit.

To learn more about the renovation and experience the transformation please visit Stonecloud Brewing Company on Facebook and Instagram.