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Oklahoma News 4: MURALS IN THE METRO: Oklahoma City becomes hotspot for public art

MURALS IN THE METRO: Oklahoma City becomes hotspot for public art

Good vibes. That was the prompt given to artist Carlos Barboza when he was commission for this mural.

“Obviously that kind of leaves room to interpretation, like what you think is a good vibe,” said Barboza. “For me, anyway, I wanted to make a painting or piece of work that was inspiring and uplifting.”

Barboza opted to feature key figures in history and pop culture.

“Each kind of person up here is up here for a different reason for what they symbolize,” said Barboza. “I would think that they all have ideals that we can all get behind.”

Barboza considers this mural to be his introduction into the Oklahoma City art scene.

“It’s been really cool seeing people coming up and taking pictures with it,” said Barboza. “It’s been very interesting to see also different people just like how any particular one resonates with them for a different reason.”

Out of the many greats along the wall, Barboza said it is Anthony Bourdain who he resonates with the most.

“The way that he sees people and the way that he empathizes with people in other countries and how he understands like anybody can be brought together by just a plate of food, I think is incredibly profound,” said Barboza.

Barboza said he constantly draws inspiration from Oklahoma City.

“Every place where I drive I see an empty wall and I always think that’d be a great canvas to put a new mural,” said Barboza. “I’m hoping that people start to embrace public art more, because I do think that it kind of brings the community closer and it also adds value to your neighborhoods and your communities.”

You can visit Barboza’s mural at Stonecloud Brewing Company, located near NW First and Classen.

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